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I started playing drums at age 3 and never stopped! I had the opportunity to study with Tony Williams and also took private lessons from local jazz drummer, Dennis Nardone. I have attended several teaching seminars and master classes by Carmine Appice, Jim Chapin, and Dom Famularo, as well as several lessons wth Joe Morello.

By the time I was 15, I was playing professionally in clubs on the Jersey Shore.

People must have liked what they heard because local drummers began to seek my services as a private instructor. In 1975 I formed my company, Jazz Alley Productions, and began to offer private lessons and and have been teaching ever since.

Right around this same time, I became in-demand for session work and collaborated and recorded with several local songwriters and musicians on their recording projects. I was also hired to assist with producing and mastering.

In 1998, I moved to Pennsylvania bringing my company, Jazz Alley Productions, with me. I built my present studio and re-started my business offering private instruction. Through advertising, my student base began to grow. In a short time, I became known as a reputable and qualified instructor.

Most of my students presently come by way of referrals from music stores, band directors, through word-of-mouth, or from drummers who have seen me play with several local bands I play with.

Presently I enjoy teaching, playing with several bands, and working as a staff drummer for Zephyr Sound recording studios in Howell, NJ.

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Drums, Drums & Drums